About Us


Xoralgo, Inc is a technology company dedicated to developing a new RAID technology, replacing the legacy RAID 6, and other RAID variants built on top of RAID 6.


The idea of the new RAID originated from research by a team consisting of a professor (Marek Rychlik) and a graduate student (Mohamad Moussa). The duo worked extensively since the Fall, 2016 on research, filing a provisional patent and building out a proof-of-concept. The effort culminated in May, 2018, when Xoralgo was created as a university-driven startup company in collaboration with the University of Arizona.


We acknowledge the help of many members of the staff of TechLaunch Arizona, the intellectual property branch of the University of Arizona, who assisted us with research commercialization.

Press Releses


The technology is protected by a provisional patent filed with USPTO on January 24, 2017 (application number: 62/449,920). Full patent application was filed on January 19, 2018 (International application number: PCT/US 18/14420).


Xoralgo, Inc. licenses the technology from the University of Arizona by means of an exclusive licensing agreement (effective date July 2, 2018).

White paper

The algorithmic basis of the technology is described in the following research paper:

Beyond RAID 6 - an Efficient Systematic Code Protecting Against Multiple Errors, Erasures, and Silent Data Corruption
Note that the research paper is included in the patent application. The full patent application has been published by WIPO:
A method and system utilizing quintuple parity to provide fault tolerance